TCES Group Latest News & Events

19 Jan 2017

ELIS pupil takes on Russian!

ELIS Custom House pupil Maison is learning to speak Russian! He completed his first lesson yesterday, and has already got the hang of greeting people in Russian, spending the afternoon trying out words on staff and other pupils. Maison’s dedication to learning a complex foreign language is admirable: we look forward to hearing Maison speaking more Russian in the future.

10 Jan 2017

New Year’s Resolutions at ELIS

Our pupils at ELIS Stratford Marsh have come up with some fantastic New Year’s resolutions, that all look achievable to us:


This year I wanna work harder in class.

This year I want to help teachers and pupils.

I want to get involved more and improve my behaviour.

My first resolution is to fix my attitude.

My resolution is to respect others.

My resolution is to spend more time with my Dad.

My resolution is to play more with my brother.

My resolution is to come to school every day.

My resolution is to improve my acting.

My resolution is to go out to play more so that I can improve my stamina and get better at sport.  I love playing football.

My resolution is to be good to my friends and make a difference.

My resolution is to get to 2018 better than I am now.

05 Jan 2017

Science lesson experiments at Essex


Pupils over at Essex Fresh Start school explored the world of ‘natural indicators’ during a recent Science lesson.

They used natural indicators such as red cabbage to determine the pH levels of a variety of household and plant materials. Here they are in their ‘lab’ conducting the experiments.

05 Jan 2017

Essex Fresh Start pupils turn fashion designers!


Pupils at our Essex Fresh Start school produced some colourful festive knitwear designs at the end of the winter term.

Creativity was the order of the day, as pupils got to design their own jumpers by utilising an array of festive stencils, paints and glitter to put to life their individual designs.

Shown here are red trees and reindeer’s printed symmetrically on the front of the jumper.


04 Jan 2017

Back to school tomorrow!

TCES Group pupils return to school tomorrow, Thursday 5th January, for the start of Spring Term.

We hope you’ve had a happy Christmas and New Year, and we look forward to  welcoming you all back into school tomorrow.