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19 Dec 2016

TCES Group Christmas Card Competition

Pupils at TCES Group schools and Create Service recently participated in a Christmas card competition. We think you’ll agree that the winning designs look fantastic! The winners are (top L-R) Junior from North-West London School, Jordan from Create Essex, Jordan at East London Independent School, Custom House and Jalal from East London Independent School, Stratford Marsh. The designs have been featured in our forthcoming Winter Bulletin.

09 Dec 2016

Sir William Atkinson opens TCES Group’s latest Barking Hub

9 December 2016
TCES Group was delighted that Sir William Atkinson officially opened its new Therapeutic Hub in Barking, Essex on Friday 9 December 2016. During the official launch event, also attended by the Mayor of Barking & Dagenham, staff and pupils showed visitors – including parents and carers, Local Authority representatives and neighbours – around the new facilities and were able to demonstrate some of their amazing skills and achievements. The clinical and staff teams were also on hand to chat to visitors about the invaluable service they provide.
This new Therapeutic Hub is a welcome addition to the Create Service, enabling the organisation to expand its expertise to a greater number of children and young people who require specialist education placements from the TCES Group.
Create Service runs parallel to TCES Group’s independent schools. Through therapeutic education it offers solutions to transform high risk complex students, who were previously unable to engage with and succeed in the formal learning environment of a small group setting in school. The highly-skilled and focused staff team helps to break down multiple barriers to learning by promoting the educational, social and health needs of its pupils, and supports each individual’s growth towards independent learning, then eventually moving into groups.
In operation since September, this second Therapeutic Hub (the first is situated in Romford) provides access to a normal, stable educational experience in a school setting for pupils aged between 7-19 years. The Create Service offers a community-based school experience which provides an alternative to the out of borough placements that many of these children typically find themselves in.
In addition to academic and vocational experiences, the Create Service Therapy Team offers counselling, art and drama therapy with Speech and Language and Occupational Therapists working directly with pupils. More specialist assessment from TCES Group’s Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Consultant Paediatrician are available to pupils who are struggling to engage with learning for reasons that are not clear.

Thomas Keaney, TCES Group’s CEO and Schools’ Proprietor, says: “We are delighted to be opening our second Therapeutic Hub here in Barking. Our vision is to provide education settings that are inclusive, thriving, and socially and emotionally healthy. We know how important our ‘Team Around the Child’ is in ensuring the best outcomes for these pupils and we strongly believe that human beings thrive in positive environments.”


02 Dec 2016

Paralympic champion Tim Prendergast visits NWLIS pupils

1 December: New Zealand 800m gold medalist Paralympic star Tim Prendergast visited our school in North-West London, where he spoke to pupil’s about his inspirational life story.

After being met at East Acton Station by staff and pupils, he worked with  the President of the Student Council developing the content for a presentation on leadership qualities.

The pupils were really engaged and they have committed to presenting this to all the other pupils in an assembly. They were all tremendously inspired by Tim, recognising things they could aim for in their own lives. Tim has brought so much to the school and to individual pupils. Thank you Tim!



24 Nov 2016

NWLIS pupil to feature in Silver Arts Award Screening at Lyric Theatre Hammersmith Cinema




Our North-West London Independent School pupil Myles has achieved considerable success with his screenplay ‘The Vampire.’

Myles completed Unit 1 (Arts Practice and Pathways) of his Silver Arts Award in July and will be completing Unit 2 (Arts Leadership) in the next fortnight, culminating in a performance of his screenplay for a television series pilot called ‘The Vampire’ at The Lyric Theatre Hammersmith’s Cinema on the 6th of December at 6 pm. 

On Tuesday a cast of young actors from the Lyric read through his Screenplay for the first time and gave him excellent feedback. Myles was extremely excited to see his work brought to life in this way.

He will be premiering a trailer for his horror film ‘Hellbeloved’ at the event and has asked another year 11 student to premiere the animations he has been working on for his Art GCSE. These will also be shown as part of the event.

Myles has worked exceptionally hard this year, achieving his Preliminary and Standard boxing awards and 13 AQA Unit Awards in music, for which he has designed the CD Cover as a Rap Artist (top image) plus becoming the Anti-Bullying Ambassador on the student council.  All at NWLIS and across the TCES Group are incredibly proud of his academic and personal achievements.

21 Nov 2016

Novel way to raise funds for Children in Need

dscn0897 dscn0902

When he found out that children and women in Africa and Asia walk on average 3.7 miles (6k) to get water every day Justin, from EFS Clacton, along with staff members Amber and Rachel, decided to each walk 3.7 miles.

They walked 1.2 miles to the local gym, where staff were kind enough to let them use their treadmills for free. They managed to walked and run 3.7 miles on the treadmills before returning to school.

If all sponsorship pledged is received, they will have raised £45.60 for Children in Need. 

21 Nov 2016

Anti-bullying raps

Here is some more anti-bullying work from ELIS Stratford Marsh.  We hope you enjoy these as much as we have.



My Rap
Bully bully go away don’t ever come back again!
Bully bully your so sad you cant even add
In maths you’re so flipping bad.
all you Do is chill with your cat I swear you look like a rat and that’s a fact.
how does it feel getting bullied you bully.
My name is Leroy and I hate bullys.
so lets show love.
listen all brothers and sisters.
It’s not nice.
lets stay away from all name calling and bad words.
bullying is not nice.
let’s stay away from all hate!

My rap part 2
Be smart, use your mind, don’t be a bully,
Hiding behind Your fears.
Show love, be loved.
That’s the key to respect.
Get on the ride!
We all make mistakes, that’s just simple life.
We’re all loved
It probably feels right.
It should because its nice.

Bully bully go away no one wants
you here no more so go back home
and chill with your Doritos

Bullying isn’t cool,
picking on people isn’t cool,
pretending to hurt friends isn’t cool,
snitching isn’t cool,
so be yourself!
People like you if you be yourself


16 Nov 2016

Anti-bullying raps


Our pupils at ELIS Stratford Marsh are writing anti-bullying raps for Anti-bullying Week.  We love this one and hope to have more to share shortly:

Bullying is horrible.
Bullying is cruel.
Bullying is disgusting.
Don’t be a fool.
Don’t be a bully!
Be nice, be cool!
Don’t help the bullies…
Be kind, be good!
A better world!
No more bullying!

By Jack 

11 Nov 2016

We remember them.


Pupils over at East London Independent School’s Stratford Marsh site executed the most beautifully observed and emotive two-minute silence during their school assembly today. They were supported by the wonderful staff, with not a dry eye in the building.

We Remember Them with pride.

09 Nov 2016

Black History Month inspires East London Independent School’s poets

Pupils over at East London Independent School have written a collection of poems inspired by last month’s Black History Month.
All poems were read out at the school assembly to great acclaim, with the upper school mentors on-hand to effuse much-deserved praise and applause to their authors.

It makes me think of my friend,
Because he’s singing about his friend.
And my friend died too.
It gets you thinking – doesn’t it?
Grime talks about the real things.
Grime talks about the true things.
The things they sing about are the things I do.
He says you can’t believe it’s happening…
I can’t believe it too.

Funk makes you pump.
It’s not stupid.
It’s not bad.
It’s not sad.

Michael Jackson
He could dance.
Outstanding singer.
His beat makes you move.
He says, “You rock my world!”
He makes you want to dance.
Lyrics that are so good.
Makes you so excited.

Grime is funky.
Grime makes you feel.
Grime is funny.
Grime is sad.
Have a seat,
Have a beat,
Have a listen.
Grime is fun.
Grime is made.
Grime is happy and wild.

Jazz is funky, weird and crazy.
Makes you happy all day long.
Relaxing, wild exciting.
Makes you want to dance to its good beat.
Mysterious and frightening.
Makes you want to bounce.

Rap is happy.
Rap is sad.
Rap has a good beat,
So take a seat and listen.
It’s funky and exciting.
It’s fantastic with good lyrics.
It can be crazy.
It can be creepy.
It can be relaxing.
It makes you want to jump.
So put your thinking cap on and…
Listen to rap!!