Ofsted Inspection

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The school was successfully registered by Ofsted in November 2008 (DfE No. 304/6082).  We were then inspected by Ofsted on 17th and 18th March 2010.

We are a ‘Good with Outstanding features’ School

Some Quotes from the report:

“All students in 2012 went on from the school to continue with various studies in local colleges or other centres of training and employment.”
“Students make good progress in mathematics”

“Students’ personal development is outstanding.”
“There is…a strong emphasis on key subjects such as English, mathematics, science and information and communication technology.”
Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding
“Students’ taking on personal responsibility for their learning and behaviour is an important aspect of the school’s approach”

“Students have a great deal of individual and personalised attention.”
“Students are happy to engage with their work”
“The provision for promoting students’ welfare, health and safety is outstanding. “

“The school has very effective links with parents and carers.”

“The curriculum is well organised and flexible to meet the changing needs of students. It is securely underpinned by the expectation that students will gain qualifications.”

“Personal, social and health education is excellent and underpins the success of the school.”