Examination Results 2017

Two NWLIS pupils achieved A* grades this summer in Art and Graphics. These are the highest possible grades, and the first time achieved by any pupil in the 16 years of the TCES Group. The highest grades achieved for Science, Maths and PE were also achieved by NWLIS pupils this summer, with a 100% pass rate for all qualifications in Maths, PE, Science and Art and 94% passing in English.

Y11 pupil Myles will continue his education at NWLIS having gained 6 qualifications, including 3 GCSEs, one of them being an A grade. Laquain will leave for Westminster College with 5 GCSEs, one of them an A grade. 75% of Y11 pupils are leaving with five or more qualifications and all will leave with at least two.

Remarkably, Y10 pupils did not want to feel left out, themselves achieving 18 qualifications, including 3 GCSEs.
“I am really pleased that all the hard work by the pupils has paid off” said Ruby Regan, NWLIS’s PE Instructor who welcomed the best set of results for her subject at NWLIS with 7 GCSEs, with an improved average score. “It is particularly pleasing for those in Y10 who were entered and did so well.”

Paul Morris was already thinking about improvements for next year, although 83% of pupils have achieved an ‘A’ grade or better, with 2 A* grades representing a third of the entries.
“I have known for some time that we have some really talented pupils and I have worked diligently to support their progress throughout the year. I am really pleased for, but not totally surprised, that the examiners agreed with my judgements”.
“My targets for the year ahead are for all pupils to aim for an ‘A’ grade and to develop the A level work with those pupils continuing their post-16 education with NWLIS”.

Overall, the 2017 results comprise 22 GCSEs and a total 48 qualifications, a remarkable achievement for pupils who have, on average, lost 18 months of schooling from their education journey as well as numerous interruptions and new starts.

Katrina Medley and Kevin Parker, Co-Head Teachers of NWLIS, were keen to congratulate the staff team, past and present, who have supported the Y11s overtime.
“TCES Group is relentless in its pursuit of Inclusion for our pupils. This is developed through various means, but ultimately pupils will find it easier to be included in adulthood if they hold the certificates and qualifications which enable them to access employment and education. These improved results demonstrated out commitment to deliver these for our pupils at NWLIS”.

75 Qualifications and Certificates in 2017

21 GCSEs and 28 Entry Level Qualifications An additional 26 Vocational Certificates


4 pupils gained 12 GCSEs

75% have at least 5 Qualifications (Ave 4.5)

Ave = 11 Qualifications and other certificates each

Subject: Qualification: Result:
Art GCSE (A*-A) 2
Art (Photography) GCSE (A*-A) 1
Art and Design GCSE (A*-A) 2
Art and Dsign (Short) GCSE (A*-C) 1
Maths GCSE (9-5) 1
Maths GCSE (9-2) 2
Maths GCSE (9-1) 3
English GCSE (9-5) 1
English GCSE (9-3) 3
English GCSE (9-2) 4
Science GCSE (A*-C) 1
Physical Education (Short) GCSE (A*-D) 1
Physical Education (Short) GCSE (A*-E) 4
Physical Education (Short) GCSE (A*-F) 6
Physical Education (Short) GCSE (A*-G) 7
Maths Entry Level L3 11
Maths Entry Level L2 1
English Entry Level L3 7
English Entry Level L2 4
English Entry Level L1 1
Science Entry Level L3 2
Entry Level Award in independent Communication Skills ESB Entry Level 1
Food Hygiene Virtual College 2
First Aid Virtual College 3
Introduction to playing Rhythm Guitar AQA Music Awards 1
Learning how to sing AQA Music Awards 1
Making a scary movie AQA Music Awards 1
Multicultural Music Unit 3 AQA Music Awards 2
Produce a CD of your own AQA Music Awards 3



Recording singing on a backing track in a recording studio


AQA Music Awards 1


AQA Music Awards 1
Using logic audio and midi music software AQA Music Awards 3
Downloading songs using ITUNES AQA Music Awards 4
Writing and recording song music lyrics (unit1) AQA Music Awards 1
Introduction to Rap Music AQA Music Awards 3


Art = 83% A and A*

Art = 100% pass

Science = 100% A-C

PE = 100% pass

Maths = 100% pass (One GCSE ‘5’)

English = One GCSE ‘5’