Ofsted Inspection & Essex County Council Monitoring Visits

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Ofsted Inspection, June 2017

Essex Fresh Start Independent School was inspected by Ofsted on 6-8 June 2017.

While many of the standards were judged to be ‘Good,’ the overall inspection was graded as ‘Requires improvement.’ 

The inspection report found:

Teamwork among staff is strong. Relationships between staff and pupils are good

Arrangements for safeguarding are effective

Key stage 4 pupils and sixth form students study a wide range of accredited vocational and academic qualifications

Good teaching and assessment across the school enables pupils to make strong progress in their learning from low starting points

The curriculum is tailored to meet pupils’ wide-ranging academic, social, emotional and mental health needs. It promotes their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development well

The headteacher and all staff are passionate about their work and share a common goal for all pupils to be successful in their learning. Leadership of teaching and curriculum design is strong.

Click here to view the full report: here.

Essex County Council Monitoring Inspections (Form B)

Essex Fresh Start Independent Special School was fully registered by the DfES (now DfE) in January 2007. We have been inspected on behalf of the Regional Partnerships Monitoring Form B by the Essex County Council  Internal Quality Assurance Management in November 2007, October 2009 and now through Essex County Council’s new self evaluation system in October 2011.  All three inspections resulted in very positive reports with no action plans required on any aspect of our School.

Our most recent inspection by Essex County Council was on 17th November 2016:

EFS’ Clacton and Witham sites were inspected under the CCRAG (Children’s Cross Regional Arrangements Group) Form B monitoring procedures. EFS was inspected by Essex County Council, our designated lead authority for this purpose, on November 17th 2016.  

Here is some of the feedback from Essex County Council: “It is evident that the school makes huge attempts to engage young people to attend and achieve. I witnessed good rapport and trust between pupils and staff and the young people I spoke to articulated that they felt safe and empowered within the setting. The dedication and leadership enables me to feel confident that anything that is even remotely suggested is then taken and acted upon; the management structure appears well organised. The confidence and trust that the pupils have in their tutors is wonderful and what every parent/commissioner would want: that their child feels confident to raise things that were bothering them and be able to articulate and know that ‘something’ would be done and that they felt listened to and heard. The pupil’s behaviour was exceptional. Pupils are a credit to your school and their tutors.”

View the 2016 Form B report: Form B Procedures 16-17 Essex Fresh Start – Complete

 EFS were also inspected by Suffolk County Council through their own Quality Assurance framework on 29th November 2016. This is the first inspection of this nature from Suffolk County Council and is incredibly complementary. 

You can view the Full Quality Assurance Inspection report here: Suffolk Full Quality Assurance Inspection