Examination results 2015/16

Essex Fresh Start School pupils have achieved qualifications in GCSE’s, BTEC’s, ECDL and Functional Skills – a total of 250 passes across the 2015/16 academic years. This fantastic achievement by our pupils cannot be underestimated , especially so as 100% of pupils who undertook their Science GCSE at Essex Fresh Start School passed, with 78%  of pupils passing their Maths. 

TCES Group have enjoyed across the board success with several pupils gaining GCSE’s in English, as well as Maths, Science and Art.

Thomas Keaney, CEO and Schools’ Proprietor is thrilled by the results, saying: “These high grades represent a new record for our pupils and, considering the gaps in our pupils’ education and their Special Education Needs, are really impressive. They demonstrate that our pupils are able to meet the high expectations we have for them and we are all very proud of these results.”

Subject: Qualification: Result:
Maths GCSE 29
Chemistry GCSE 1
Science GCSE 7
Maths Entry Level 53
English Entry Level 32
Science Entry Level 13
Maths Functional Skills Level 1 12
Maths Functional Skills Level 2 3
English Writing Functional Skills Level 1 14
English Reading Functional Skills Level 1 19
English Speaking & Listening Functional Skills Level 1 9
English Reading Functional Skills Level 2 5
English Speaking Board   20
ECDL Level 1&2 10
BTEC Work Skills Level 1 10
BTEC Sport & Leisure Level 1 7
BTEC Cooking Jamie Oliver Level 1 6