School Uniform and Dress Code List


The standard school uniform for boys and girls is comprised of:

• Black blazer with school badge – school will provide                                  * School tie (optional) – school will provide
• Grey sweatshirt with school badge – school will provide
• White polo shirt with school badge – school will provide
• Black trousers (no jeans/combat trousers/leggings)
• Plain black school shoes (no trainers)
• Black socks
• Plain bag



The standard school PE kit for boys and girls consists of:

• Blue PE  t-shirt with school badge – school will provide
• Blue or black PE shorts (no logos or stripes)
• Blue or black jogging bottoms (no logos or stripes)
• Non-marking trainers – please note these may get dirty or damaged due to the nature of the activities, so we advise no expensive trainers to be worn for PE.

Physical Education is a compulsory part of the school timetable. All students are expected to take part in the lessons, in correct sports attire. Exceptions will only be made if the school is informed by a parent/carer that their child is unable to participate.

Please note there should be no logos (other than the school logo) or slogans on any item of clothing or footwear.