Local Authorities

South London School: “(TCES group) have been extremely professional, approachable and flexible and have been very helpful towards the school, the child and the family providing a caring and welcoming approach. The Case Manager has responded quickly and in a friendly positive way. I would have no hesitation in recommending this service.”

East London LA: “Whenever we had any concerns to address, Case Managers responded quickly and efficiently… I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend that you discuss with TCES Group any needs you might have.”

South West London LA: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank [TCES Group] . . . for managing the provision with great efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism. They have provided a caring and welcoming environment for some of the most disaffected and challenging young people in the borough. They have been able to re-engage them with their learning and provided them with the skills to manage their behaviour more appropriately. These young people have benefited from a high level of commitment and professionalism and importantly, have made progress.” Reintegration Manager

East London LEA: “I commend the professionalism with which …[TCES Group] … has dealt with our request from the beginning of the referral.”


“To all the staff of Essex Fresh Start School, thank you for all the things you have done for me, and to help me get this far. I will not forget anyone in this school. Thank you.”

“Our teacher was really nice…. We made posters about ourselves and I took it home and put in on my wall. We included things from the past, present and future and that I would like to achieve later on in life… I would recommend the course to other students because I have benefited from it and others would as well. Would you recommend the course to a friend or fellow student, and why? Yes, because it helps you to be good, helps your behaviour.”

“I like the small classes and can have time out alone when I need it. I feel I’ve matured a lot here.”


“Our son is doing amazing and is like a different boy. He is happy and Essex Fresh Start have worked so much on his confidence. He enjoys being at Fresh Start and said it’s amazing that people actually get him.”

“The Learning Support Mentor has been very good for Lee, even though he makes it tough for her. She is extremely patient with him and is like a member of the family now, she has become a friend also…I think if it wasn’t for her, Lee would never have gone to (TCES Group) Thank you for enabling Martin to finish the summer on such a positive note. The LSM showed great sensitivity and intelligence in their handling of him and he had a series of excellent trips out. Please pass on our thanks to the whole Transitional Care Team.”