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” Create Service offers an outstanding joined up bespoke provision for young people that truly places the needs of the learner at the centre of its work. Highly qualified and committed professionals work intelligently and tirelessly to ensure maximum progress is achieved. Within its model every opportunity is taken to engage with parents.”
Sir William Atkinson MA DUni (Open) DL FRSA

Thanks is not enough for the changes  you have done in my son. Some time l take my self back to February 2014 to this day the changes l see is wow Nick l am given you a big clap well done that is one youth you have save.  l am praying the input  you have put in my son he carry it on.

It’s been great working with yourselves. Your commitment and perseverance that you have shown Rory is unshakable and is a true testament of a caring and non judgmental person.
Foster carer

I would like to say a big thank you for all your support that Create has given me and my son. I think that there needs to be more services like this. You have given my son a chance to make a new start in life.

We have been trying to find a suitable resource for Leroy for an absolute age. He and his family are well known in the Council and TCES Group are offering him a fantastic opportunity; the service is uniquely tailored so it addresses his education as well as being led and delivered by clinicians through a therapeutic approach. This works so well with such a complex family; we are really impressed with the TCES Group and the Create Service.

We are extremely happy with our son’s progress and are very pleased with his education and attendance. He is coming along so well and seems a lot happier and contented.

Matthew continues to make fantastic progress; he is always happy to come home and tell me of his recent achievements and exam results. And he is very keen to continue learning and doing well.

Thank you for the invitation (Barking Hub opening), the welcoming was great and the pupils who spoke were a testament to the Create Service.
Local Authority

Thank you to the young people who have shared their stories and to the staff who provide an awesome education.                                             Prospective parent

Thank you to everyone for all their effort. TCES Group provide a wonderful education.