The Create Team



Meet the Create Team!

Peter Finn, Director of Clinical Services

Peter is a qualified teacher, consultant psychotherapist and business consultant. He has worked as a consultant across the care, education and mental health sectors for over 10 years and has expert knowledge and understanding of multi-agency working with children and young people with highly complex needs.

Colette Ferns, Head of Create Service London

Our new Head of Create Service London is Colette Ferns who joins the existing Create London Senior Leadership Team. Colette has recently transferred over from Create Essex which she built up from its infancy. Colette has 20 years’ experience working with schools in challenging circumstances, including four years as a Head Teacher. Colette is also a qualified Social Worker and has worked as a Behaviour Support Advisor and Education Manager, helping to set up a school for refugees, travellers and young people missing from education. Her skills, knowledge and experience of youth and community work, conflict resolution, prevention of exclusions and the criminal justice system ensure that Colette brings a wealth of experience to her role as head of Create Service, London.


Nick Rigby, Head of Service, Create Essex        

During his 35 years of experience, Nick has taught in day schools,
boarding schools and PRUs for SEMH and ASC pupils in London,
Essex and Suffolk. 15 of these years have been spent working at
senior level, including as a head teacher. Nick is also a qualified
youth worker and has counselling experience.