Service Standards


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Every child and young person has the inherent right to access full-time education whatever their personal circumstances. Our services are strategically aligned along a continuum of need, with full-time education for pupils at Key Stages 2, 3, 4 and Post-16 within a range of settings.

Through assessment and clinical intervention, we clarify the needs, inform the network and enable the onward transition for each pupil.

This may be a small group learning within the Create Service or a TCES Group school, mainstream education, further education, vocational or work-like experience or a college placement.

Our Service Standards:

  • A Letter of Commencement outlining the programme of work (assessment, clinical intervention and academic programme) is issued
  • During the first half term, Create Service will host a Professionals’ Meeting to begin co-ordinating the multi-agency process around the pupil
  • At six weeks, Create Service will also issue the initial Multi-Agency Provision Plan, detailing the aims and objectives of the programme over the next full term
  • We will produce, except if otherwise agreed, a comprehensive report detailing the outcomes or recommendations for treatment and/or transition.

Create Service placements start with a 20-week initial assessment process (a term and a half), bound by very clear service standards which define what will be delivered and reported on. On rare occasions, pupils with very complex needs may not easily engage and may require us to agree a longer assessment period with the referring authority.

Our understanding of, and response to, the complexity of a pupil’s needs will determine where the educational programme will take place. For some pupils it may be necessary to begin work in their home, until such time as they feel secure and have built a relationship of trust with their Assertive Outreach Tutor (AOT).

The pupil’s individualised programme will build in opportunities for work in safe community spaces and Create Services Hubs, the pace of transition being determined by dynamic assessment of the pupil’s needs.