How Create Service works


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We meet pupils’ most basic psychological, safety and belonging needs, through intensive individual support, before pupils are able to move towards independent learning in groups. Our pupils face multiple obstacles to engagement; this may include long-established treatment resistance to academic and clinical assessment which has prevented their underlying mental health needs from being identified.


We offer a comprehensive clinical service, guided by our senior psychiatric, psychology and psychotherapist consultants. We also work with more specialised practitioners such as behaviour analysts, speech and language therapists, forensic psychologists, occupational therapists and creative arts therapists.

Our integrated approach is drawn from the relational and neuro-developmental perspectives to meeting needs. We use therapists trained in cognitive-behavioural, systemic, psychodynamic and neuro-developmental modalities tailored to the needs of each pupil and their family.

View our latest presentation, ‘Transforming high risk, complex students through therapeutic education’ here