About Create Service



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” Create Service offers an outstanding joined up bespoke provision for young people that truly places the needs of the learner at the centre of its work. Highly qualified and committed professionals work intelligently and tirelessly to ensure maximum progress is achieved. Within its model every opportunity is taken to engage with parents.”

Sir William Atkinson MA DUni (Open) DL FRSA

The Create Service is a parallel service to our independent day schools. It delivers therapeutic education, assessment and monitoring for pupils who are not able, at this time, to engage with and succeed in formal small group learning environments.

These children and young people need a highly sophisticated Case Co-ordination approach which identifies and then systemically plans to overcome the barriers to learning. We individually assess each pupil’s needs and design a highly differentiated and personalised service, welcoming the most vulnerable and complex.

We believe that, wherever it is safe to do so, children should be brought up in their own homes and communities. Effectively we bring the resource to the family – not the other way around – and work to keep children in their communities where previously they might have had to go to highly specialist resources far away.

The Create Service has been specifically developed to address the needs of pupils who have tried to engage with small group learning but have not succeeded, as well as pupils returning from, or at risk of entering out-of-county placements. The service aims to:

  • Improve educational outcomes for children and young people with the most complex needs
  • Reduce out-of-area emergency placements
  • Build local capacity under the sufficiency duty
  • Return children and young people in out-of-county placements to local community-based, multidisciplinary placements
  • Provide locally based daily family support, liaising with multidisciplinary professionals supported by consultant psychotherapists and consultant social workers
  • Supply placements at planned or short notice.

The Create Service is run by senior educationalists, clinicians and social workers with a background in the Care, Education and Health sectors who will work in partnership with an extended network of local and national specialists to meet the needs of those young people with high risk and severely challenging needs.


Our team of specialist tutors includes qualified social workers, qualified teachers, drama, music and art therapists and psychotherapists who have chosen to develop their specialist skills in working with children and young people with the most complex needs. We provide weekly expert case discussion and consultation by a consultant psychotherapist with 25 years’ experience of developing and delivering therapeutic education, and childcare and weekly curriculum delivery support by Head Teachers and highly specialised and qualified educational consultants.