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21 Jul 2017

Celebration Day 2017


Pupil Tia from NWLIS ascends the climbing wall

Essex pupils sail on the rafts they took part in building!

On 11 July all TCES Group schools and services came together at Grangewaters Outdoor Education Centre for our annual end of school year Celebration Day.

Pupils and staff enjoyed a range of sporting activities including raft building, climbing, canoeing and kayaking. As well as having a lot of fun, pupils were able to learn new skills and demonstrate their team working abilities.

The day itself resulted in some worthy trophy winners at the awards ceremony, as prizes were awarded to pupils who demonstrated the seven core TCES Group values: respect, excellence, friendship, courage, determination, inspiration and equality.

Despite the weather producing some heavy downpours, staff and pupils had a fantastic day, with some exemplary listening skills demonstrated by our pupils. 

ELIS staff  at Celebration Day

20 Jul 2017

Congratulations to our NWLIS 2017 Graduates!

14 July saw pupils Laquain, Mikel, Michael and Myles graduate from NWLIS in a moving and celebratory ceremony attended by fellow pupils, parents, staff and special guests Andrew ‘Papa G’ Mohammed, Father Fergal and Janice Heath and Danijela Kabrielan at SEN Connections in Brent. With touching speeches written and articulated byfellow peers Aaron A, Aaron O, Tia and Hussein, the
audience were invited to share in the incredible journey that Laquain, Mikel, Michael and Myles have undertaken during their time at NWLIS. Their journeys continue, however, as Laquain begins a Business Studies course at West Thames College in Isleworth. Both Myles and Michael will stay on at NWLIS to continue their studies in Y12 as part of our ongoing provision.

05 Jul 2017

Essex Fresh Start School pupils cast votes in mock elections


Essex Fresh Start School took part in last month’s Mock Elections, giving pupils a fictional chance at voting as the public turned out to vote in the General Election.

Pupils evidently had their fingers on the pulse, however: ‘results’ pointed to a hung parliament, a prescient reflection of the voting public’s consensus!

29 Jun 2017

‘Hidden talents’ revealed at NWLIS staff INSET day

Last Friday was INSET day across the Group, and with pupils on leave for the day, the staff at North West London Independent School took part in preparations for the launch of next year’s Creative Arts Curriculum.

Says Co-Head of School Kevin Parker, “Staff revealed hidden talents and surprising qualities when asked to perform in front of colleagues ahead of next year’s Creative Arts Curriculum.”

The aim of the day was to enable staff to inspire and encourage their pupils in developing their own talents.

Given just half an hour’s notice to practice, staff came up with some lively performances – some had astonishing voices, with others displaying considerable musical talent, as demonstrated in the images below. 

We look forward to seeing what talented individuals our pupils are when it comes to their turn to participate!


21 Jun 2017

TCES Group pupils to attend ‘Celebration Day’ in July


TCES Group pupils from across all schools and services will once again be coming together for the annual ‘Celebration Day,’ held once more at Grangewaters Outdoor Education Centre in Essex. The event, on 11 July, will see pupils compete in a range of outdoor activities as diverse as kayaking, archery and raft building.

Hoping to emulate the successes from last year’s event, pupils will be competing for titles such as ‘Team Player’ award, ‘Champions Winner’ (for the team that epitomises the 7 values of celebration day: respect, courage, determination, excellence, friendship, inspiration and equality), and Raft Building Champions winner.


07 Jun 2017

Leadership Week draws inspirational quotes from pupils

This week is Leadership Week and over at North-West London Independent School pupils put their heads together and came up with these inspirational quotes! From Mandela to Einstein, various well-known quotes are featured, along with our own pupils’ unique citations. Could they perhaps turn out to be famous quotes themselves one day?

06 Jun 2017

This is Leadership Week

Pupils across the TCES Group have returned from their half term break ready to participate in a wealth of Leadership Week activities, such as motivational speakers, peer mentoring and offsite activities.

The week’s themes include ‘Leaders of the Future’ and ‘Preparing our Young Leaders’.

So watch this space!  We’re looking forward to reporting on the many activities taking place as the week progresses.

26 May 2017

East London Independent School, Stratford Marsh begins exciting phase of redevelopment

May 2016, Stratford Marsh embarks on an exciting new phase of redevelopment.

Those of you who have visited Stratford Marsh will be aware of the pre-existing church that stands to the left of the school. Now the exciting  third phase of redevelopment – transforming the church hall into a new part of the school – commences on 30 May.

The first duty for our contractors  is to seal off the building area from the rest of the school, with all existing fencing that can be looked through boarded up. Temporary construction buildings will be built adjacent to the school playground, with the most notable change being the construction of a high wall that will run next to the car park.

Below are photos of the church, taken on Wednesday  24 May, just before building work commences. We’ll be reporting on the transformation from church to school building throughout it’s progression. 

25 May 2017

ELIS, Custom House begin motivational assemblies

Following several weeks in which we have vaunted the success of both the Student Council and Group Process at Stratford Marsh, Custom House has started very successfully to deliver its own Motivational Assemblies, Group Process, Student Council and Staff Reflective Group. This past week Andrew Mohammed delivered an inspiring assembly to some of our pupils and staff in Custom House. It set the right tone for a very special day in which Natasha and Andrew led a very successful Pupil Group Process in which we had some clear leadership and heroism displayed by a number of our CH pupils, with Callum and Maison standing out and a short but positive cameo appearance from Leroy. Themes and requests brought by the pupils were: a pizza ‘bake off’ led by staff and judged by pupils, the introduction of mid-morning healthy snacks, more opportunities for all pupils to be together at Custom House and an agreement around the rules for future pupil group processes.