Mission and Ethos

Watch TCES Group’s CEO & School’s Proprietor Thomas Keaney present ‘School Life without Labels’ at this year’s Autism Show at ExCel London.

Community Values:

All TCES Group and Create Service pupils abide by our ‘Community Values’: a six-part ‘code’ based on British and community values that instil an ethic of hard work and the mutual respect and tolerance of others.

Schools’ Proprietor Thomas Keaney’s  vision – Community Values
As CEO and Schools’ Proprietor of TCES Groups’ Social Enterprise, my personal vision sees our schools as inclusive, thriving, socially and emotionally healthy communities – this vision is driven by my deeply held belief that human beings thrive in positive environments.
To enable this to happen, TCES Group staff and pupils must be supported to own and deliver the Community and British values of our schools and services, which are:
1) ‘Very high expectations’
2) ‘Hard work’
3) ‘Mutual respect and tolerance of all’
4) ‘Authentic ‘real’ inclusion’
5) ‘Genuine pupil, parent and staff voice and participation’ and finally a
6) ‘We never give up’ philosophy for our pupils and staff.

The TCES Group Vision:

Our vision is to be recognised as experts in delivering therapeutic Education, Health & Care solutions for children and young people with complex and additional needs, who have not been able so far to succeed in mainstream education. By creating positive opportunities and removing barriers to learning, we strive to enable our pupils to build on a platform for life-long learning and educational success.

Our Mission:

We are a Social Enterprise running independent schools for pupils with unique potential. Our highly skilled multi-disciplinary teams transform pupils’ perception of their own skills, strengths and abilities. We deliver an industry leading combination of education, health and care that takes each pupil on an individual journey that encourages a love of learning and long term success. Our schools are safe, nurturing and inspiring environments which enable pupils to thrive. We are committed to achieving the best outcomes for each pupil by enabling access to outstanding education. We never give up!

Social Enterprise:social-enterprise

TCES Group is a Social Enterprise. Our business is primarily driven by a social purpose of putting pupils and staff before profit and our operating surpluses are principally re-invested towards our company mission and objectives.

Digital School: DIGITAL SCHOOL logo CMYK

We are a ‘digital school member’, working in partnership with The Parent Zone to support a whole school approach to e-safety and digital safeguarding.